Consumer Product

Prestat – Gruppo Illy


Prestat has also supplied for many years chocolates to the British royal family and in 1975 it was granted a Royal Warrant as Purveyors of Chocolates to Her Majesty The Queen.

Prestat made £7m in sales for the year ended on the 30th of April 2018.

Gruppo Illy is a family-owned holding company, operating in the coffee industry, with business also in chocolate, tea, wine and confections. Its brand portfolio is composed of:

– Domori, a premium chocolate company;

– Dammann Frères, a purveyor of tea;

– Mastrojanni, an Italian winery;

– Agrimontana, a jam and marron glace producer.

Upon completion of the acquisition, Prestat will become part of Domori, the premium chocolate subsidiary of Gruppo illy.

Cross Border cooperated with Zeus Capital in searching, identifying and introducing the buyer, Gruppo Illy.