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Edil Friuli – Minghetti

Edil Friuli, merged in 2005 with the Cambielli Group to form Italy’s largest distributor of plumbing materials (heating, bathroom and tiles) to professional installers, with €500 million in sales. The original merger agreement was assisted by Cross Border in 2002 and implemented in steps, representing a rare case of successful merger of equals in the Italian market.

TIS and Minghetti are two independent distributors located in the Trentino-Alto Adige region, with total sales of about €8 million. The region, because of its per capita income and its mountain territory, is one of the most attractive locations in Italy for heating products.

With these two transactions, negotiated in parallel, our client establishes a presence in a key market from which it was previously excluded.

Edil Friuli and Cambielli have completed 9 transactions with Cross Border since 1998.

Cross Border is the only Italian advisor with specific expertise in this industry, including assignments for world-leading multinationals. By working with us, our clients are able to monitor a large number of opportunities for as long as it is necessary and, as they mature, to deploy an industry specialist in negotiation.