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Banzai – Terashop

Terashop is a leading internet e-commerce provider in Italy. It operates through 3 websites (MisterPrice, ePlaza and Bow) on three lines of business: e-Commerce Outsourcing (turnkey solutions and development of online stores for third parties), Engagement & Promotions (logistic solutions for advertising campaigns), Incentive & Loyalties (brochure online).

Banzai is an internet e-Commerce and media solution provider based in Italy. Established in 2007, it offers e-commerce, media and web consulting services. It holds a minority stake in Dnsee, a company active in digital consulting. The Banzai Advertising websites have over 1.8 million unique visitors, 12.3 million page views.

Cross Border was chosen as exclusive advisor by the owners and managers of Terahosp thanks to its track record and know how in the industry. It assisted the company in the selection process of the best industrial partner.