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S+R – GTS Group – Alfaparf

GTS Group is the absolute leader in the Italian professional beauty market, with a market share of over 30% and ranks among the top 5 players in Europe. GTS designs, manufactures and markets cosmetic products and beauty treatments, serving approximately 4.500 beauty salons in Italy of which 2.300 under its own brands Dibi, Becos and Fisiosphere. Turnover is of about € 50 million within distribution in 35 countries.

Alfaparf is an Italian multinational, leader in the market of professional beauty products, mainly in hair and body care market. With a total turnover of € 120 million, Alfaparf manages 4 plants (1 in Italy, 2 in South America and 1 in China) and over 1,300 employees.

Cross Border assisted the Private Equity arm of Unicredit and Euromobiliare and the Private Equity fund Alcedo sgr in the sale of their participations in GTS Group.