Latour – Vimec – IGI

Vimec, based in Luzzara (Reggio Emilia), is the best Italian company (for product range and operating margin) among those that provide both standard elevators and accessibility solutions (vertical or inclined platforms, armchair and stair lifts). Turnover 2016 of about € 44 million, more than 50% export, growing strongly in 2017.

Latour Industries is part of Investment AB Latour, a publicly traded shareholder in Sweden with a market value of around € 6 billion, making long-term investments in international industrial companies. Also controls Aritco Lift AB, platform and elevator provider, with over 300 million SEK turnover, with worldwide exports, and strong synergies with Vimec.

IGI is a private equity company founded in 1997 which, with the acquisition of Arca Impresa, manages about € 250 million.

Cross Border (Global M & A Italy) acted as advisor to Latour because it is the Italian partner of Valentum Partners (Global M & A Sweden). It has done a systematic search for potential acquisitions in the industry in Italy, generated the Vimec opportunity, and assisted negotiation, valuation and due diligence.