Tecnocap – Obal Rozkos

Tecnocap is the third-largest European player in twist-off caps, a specialist higher-value segment of metal packaging for the food industry. The Company has plants in Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Moldavia and Ukraine. Including the acquisition, Tecnocap had consolidated sales of € 40 million in 2004.

Obal Roskoš of Czech Republic is the leading domestic manufacturer of twist-off caps with sales of € 15 million in 2004.

With the acquisition of Obal Roskoš, our client made a major advance in critical mass and geographical presence, to serve multinational clients and to take advantage of its technology and efficiency. Beside a leading position in the Czech Republic, Obal Roskos provides Tecnocap with valuable opportunities in Eastern Europe, the geographical area which is experiencing the most significant growth in food metal packaging.

Tecnocap retained Cross Border to secure first-class international advisory services.