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Quadrivio SGR – Sanpaolo IMI – Gruppo Argenta

The Gruppo Argenta is among the Italian market leaders in servicing and refilling of vending machines, focusing on hot and cold drinks and snacks. 2003 revenues of €61 million.

Quadrivio Sgr and San Paolo IMI Private Equity purchase majority and minority interests in middle-size Italian companies.

By selling control to two private equity firms, Gruppo Argenta develops from a family-owned business to a managerial corporation, with profoundly revised organizational and reporting procedures, and unlimited financial resources for external growth in a fragmented industry.

Cross Border advised the management team and the CEO of Gruppo Argenta, conducting an auction process with selected financial investors. Gruppo Argenta attracted considerable interest from financial bidders due to its impressive financial results, strong market presence and excellent growth prospects. An agreement was reached with the most suitable partner for Argenta’s “buy-and-build” strategy in the Italian market.