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Nuova Industria Alimentare – Interbanca – Del Verde

The Private Investors leading this transaction are a group of managers with an excellent track record in the industry.

Interbanca Sud is the division of the private equity business of Interbanca (a leading Italian merchant bank) dedicated to companies in Central-Southern Italy.

Pastificio Del Verde is a major national brand of premium-price pasta. Its product range also includes private-label products and complementary lines such as olive oil, rice and tomato sauces. Strong presence on international markets (exports are 49% of sales). In the late ’90s the company began underperforming until, in early 2005, bankruptcy was declared.

With this acquisition, the investors will leverage on the brand to recover market share in Italy and to grow internationally on the premium-price segment.

The Private Investors and Interbanca Sud retained Cross Border to finalise the business plan and to support them in the acquisition auction process.