Electra Finance – S.I.A. – Meca – IGI – Fiocchi

Electra Finance is the holding company of S.I.A. Industria Accumulatori SpA, founded in 1969 and active in the production of starter batteries with a turnover of approximately € 30 million.

Meca Lead Recycling SpA, an Italian leader in the field of lead recycling, mainly for the battery industry. Meca sells about 15.000 tons of recycled lead per year with a turnover of about € 30 million.

IGI SGR is a fund management company, founded in 1997, managing 4 Private Equity Funds within more than 40 investments completed.

Giulio Fiocchi SpA is the holding company of a world-famous Italian group founded in 1876, a global leader in the ammunition industry.

Cross Border originated the transaction and advised the buyer. We were selected due to our deep knowledge of the Italian market and relationship with sellers. The transaction was driven by strong industrial and commercial sinergies. Cross Border also assisted with financing the acquisition.