BS Private Equity – Digitek – MTA

Digitek specializes in high-end electronic systems for the automotive sector, with a particular focus on the Formula 1 market. Products include instrument clusters, control units and systems for data acquisition and transmission. A second line of business is in automated payment systems (Telepass) and car-access control systems. In 2007 Digitek had sales of € 45 million.

BS Private Equityis one of the forerunners of Italian private equity since the late eighties and one of the most prestigious names in this market.

MTA is a leading Italian family-owned manufacturer of OEM components for the automotive industry, with 2007 sales of € 90 million. MTA has operating subsidiaries in the US, Poland, Slovakia and Brazil. It is focused on electrical automotive components, such as power distribution boxes, fuses and fuse holders, connectors and terminals. The acquisition of Digitek provides significant strategic value with new advanced technologies, upgrading of the client portfolio and critical mass.

Cross Border retained Cross Border to run an action sale of the Company. Cross Border increased the financial result of the sale by identifying strategic industrial buyers able to sustain valuations higher than market comparables, because of synergies.